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Stella HIE Consulting Services

Building the Best HIEs since the 2000s

Stella has years of extensive experience building and deploying Health Information Exchange (HIE) platforms, and offer end-to-end consulting services to clients.

Why Stella HIE Consulting Services?

Founded and headquartered in Silicon Valley since 2012, Stella is comprised of a team of seasoned professionals who have designed, built, procured, implemented and run over 60 of America’s leading statewide, regional and private HIE initiatives for the past 22 years. The core Stella team comes from Axolotl, another San Francisco Bay Area company credited with pioneering the HIE space, including the foundational architectures, concepts and technologies that have become industry standard today.

Stella HIE Consulting Services Overview

Stella has built and implemented 60+ Health Information Exchanges (HIE) globally, and brings years of interoperability and systems integration experience as a result. Today, Stella offers end-to-end consulting services to clients focused on four main areas:

  • Strategy and Planning

    Strategy and Planning

    1. Governance and Legal
    2. Financial Planning
    3. Staffing and Resources
    4. Operational Policies and Procedures
    5. Standards Selection and Specifications
    6. Research and Assessment
  • Technology Evaluation and Procurement

    Technology Evaluation and Procurement

    1. Requirements Analysis and Gathering
    2. HIE/Master Solution Design and Architecture
    3. Technology Assessment and Selection
    4. Contracting Support
  • Onboarding and Implementation

    Onboarding and Implementation

    1. Project Management
    2. Rollout Planning and Prioritization
    3. HIE Toolkit
    4. Marketing, Communication and PR
    5. Systems and Data Integration
    6. Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing
    7. End-User Training and Change Management
  • Operations(Post-implementation)


    1. Support and Helpdesk
    2. MPI Management/Analysis
    3. Data Quality Analysis
    4. Ongoing Systems and Data Integration
    5. Change Management
    6. New HIE Service/Use Case Implementation
    7. Software Development Services for Specific Use Cases

Stella HIE Consulting Expertise

Statewide HIEs

Our team has worked with a dozen states to design their interoperability standards and platforms, as well as implement centralized or federated HIEs that connect the entire state.
They include:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Idaho
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Utah

Our proven experience allows us to provide unique perspectives on best practices, lessons learned and a practical understanding of real-world barriers and concerns participating stakeholders often have.

Our HIE Consulting Services Clients

Stella Healthcare Standards Domain Expertise

The Stella team has conducted extensive work with federal agencies such as the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and its various initiatives, including the Standards & Interoperability Framework focusing on standards for Provider Directory and patient records query; the Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) and Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) for interoperability standards; and the Direct Project where Stella contributed in defining the specifications.

The Stella team also participates in HL7 and IHE Connectathons where healthcare industry solution providers test their systems’ interoperability capabilities and compliance with established exchange standards such as IHE profiles or FHIR.

Stella’s work with the State of New York in implementing the Statewide Health Information Network of NY (SHIN-NY), or the development of the Interoperability Testing Tool (ITT) which is used by the ConCert by HIMSS vendor certification program, are some examples of the company’s expertise not only in healthcare interoperability standards, but also in developing enterprise technologies to solve complex clinical data integration challenges.

Stella Technology maintains a significant knowledge base in interoperability standards, including:

  1. Messaging standards (e.g., HL7 v2/v3, IHE, eHealth Exchange/ Carequality & Direct)
  2. Document and content standards (e.g., CCDA, FHIR, NCPDP)
  3. Semantic interoperability standards (e.g., ICD10, CPT4, LOINC)