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Stella Technology and Trilema Collaborate to Redefine Patient Remote Monitoring

Press Release

February 2024

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Stella Technology, a leading healthcare IT company known for its innovation, is excited to announce its collaboration with Trilema, a market leader in patient empowerment and remote monitoring services. The partnership brings together cutting-edge technology and expertise to revolutionize patient remote monitoring.

Trilema, renowned for its leadership in patient empowerment and remote monitoring services, has a strong presence in Spain, Europe, Latin America, and the UAE. With a track record of developing clinical protocols and remote managing thousands of patients, Trilema brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the partnership.

In this strategic collaboration, Stella Technology and Trilema join forces to offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution for patient remote monitoring. Leveraging Stella's advanced capabilities in providing EMR integration with the UAE ecosystem, combined with Trilema's expertise in patient empowerment, the partnership aims to bring healthcare closer to patients' homes.

"By combining Stella's deep EMR integration expertise with Trilema's advanced remote monitoring platform, we aim to enhance patient care and foster a closer connection between healthcare and the home environment. "
- Lalo Valdez, CEO and Founder Stella Technology

"The integration of Trilema's technology in Stella's value proposition allows us to offer 360-degree solutions creating a holistic approach to healthcare delivery." - Vicente Pellicer, CEO Trilema

About Trilema
TRILEMA Group has been a prominent player in Spain's Education and Healthcare sectors since the late 1990s. Our Healthcare technology has earned recognition in European studies for its positive impact on user quality of life, treatment adherence, and healthcare processes, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Our innovative tools streamline referrals, reducing wait times and enhancing communication. Our commitment to enhancing the referral process ensures timely, specialized care, leading to improved health outcomes and greater patient satisfaction.

About Stella Technology
Stella Technology, based in Silicon Valley, is a leading digital healthcare-only company on a mission. We believe healthcare is a fundamental human right and we want to make high-quality care accessible and affordable for everyone on earth. Stella offers our own solutions as well as HIE Consulting Services and Digital Health Services to clients.