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Stella Technology Unveils Cutting-edge AI-enabled Healthcare Solutions at Arab Health 2024

Press Release

January 2024

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Stella Technology, a leading healthcare IT company, is set to make waves at Arab Health Exhibition 2024 with the introduction of cutting-edge AI-enabled features in its flagship Electronic Medical Record (EMR), practice management, and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution, Stella Equinox.

With a mission to make quality care accessible for all, Stella Equinox transforms the healthcare landscape by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. "Spend More Time with Your Patients, Not Your EMR," encapsulates the essence of our solution.

Key Features of Stella Equinox's AI Capability:

  • Ambient Listening (NLP): Stella Equinox incorporates intelligent recording capabilities, allowing healthcare professionals to seamlessly capture patient interactions. Healthcare professionals have the flexibility to edit and review the extracted information easily, ensuring accuracy and personalization.
  • Intelligent Information Extraction: Once recording is initiated, Stella Equinox employs AI algorithms to transcribe the patient interaction efficiently. The AI engine intelligently extracts vital information, such as vitals and visit summaries, placing them accurately within the EMR.
  • AI-enabled WhatsApp Chatbot: Patients can interact through WhatsApp to book appointments.

"Our AI-enabled approach revolutionizes the way healthcare professionals interact with EMRs," said Khalid Ghaloua Adine, CEO Emerging Markets at Stella Technology. “Providers will be able to save significant time before, during and after examinations, allowing them to have meaningful conversations with their patients while also increasing their patients volume."

Many of our Equinox clients say that Stella Equinox empowers them to focus on what matters most - their
patients - while ensuring precision and efficiency in record-keeping.

In addition to Stella Equinox, Stella Technology will highlight its Health Information Exchange (HIE) Consulting Services, ensuring smooth information exchange within the healthcare ecosystem. The company is equally dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions through its digital health services.