About Stella Technology

Stella Technology is a leader in the increasingly complex world of Health Information. As innovators in HIEs and interoperability, Stella's solutions optimize workflows, unify disparate data, and enable greater access to care and insights - illuminating and providing opportunities for the benefit of patients, providers, and healthcare organizations.

We are working hard to improve access to care around the world using telemedicine, creating tools for communication and decision-making at crucial points of care. We are also transforming the latest in big data techniques as we move towards real gamechangers like machine learning.

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Clinical Care Solutions

Stella Equinox

Clinical Care and Global Telehealth Network

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Equinox COV-VAC

Schedule Appointments & Administer Vaccination Drives

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Stella Compass

Advance Care Planning Management

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Backed by a team that brings years of experience in the industry, Stella’s consulting services focus on four main areas: Healthcare Domain Expertise, Blockchain, Technology Design and Development, as well as Implementation and Operational Expertise.


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