Stella Technology leverages the benefits of information sharing to fill in the critical gap in communication and collaboration that exists in our healthcare system today. Our solutions and services allow the patient to be at the center of the care continuum, so that healthcare teams are always informed of his/her health status – anytime, anywhere. Our solution set includes:

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Better Data = Better Outcomes

The Inspector of Quality Healthcare Data (iQHD) is a flexible and customizable tool that enables healthcare organizations and analytics vendors to measure the quality of their clinical data quickly and efficiently.

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Unlocking Your Data

Unlocking the data that organizations have in their various systems and making it openly available to their users is a major benefit of the Clinical Staging Database. Having scrubbed, standardized and discrete data available in one place allows HIEs, health systems or ACOs to meet a wide range of business needs - from operations (e.g. usage reporting) to population health initiatives (e.g. care management, quality and outcomes measurement reporting).

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Coordination – Anytime, Anywhere

Caredination is a medical communication and care coordination platform, which focuses on ensuring that patients’ critical medical information does not get lost as they navigate the complex healthcare system. Caredination facilitates multi-directional dialogue among providers and payers, incorporating collaborative elements of social networking in a secure HIPAA-compliant environment.

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